Worldwide port operation


Our worldwide network of representatives combined with our long time experience and competencies placed us in a unique position to improve the way we manage clients multiple calls to their great satisfaction.


For companies dealing with several different agents, this results in time-consuming administration and unpredictability due to varying performances from port to port.

We strongly believe that more planned, organised and structured approach to manage various ports of call will make our clients work simplified and stress-free. Our main goal is to bring your operational and administration costs to a minimum and improve your efficiency.

Our concept simplifies multiple port-call operations whilst ensuring that our customers’ needs are always met. Our global network of offices combined with our competence and experience puts us in a unique position to change the way we handle our customers multiple port calls.


One Global Agent

Improved communication flow with a single dedicated expert, coordinating all your port calls around the world, located in your time zone and speaking your language.

With our unique knowledge, we select all local subcontractors and vendors with great care. Customers receive the same high standard of service, no matter which port their ships may call at ATLANT Shipping & Travel Agency World Wide Network.

Predictable Pricing

Our ships agency services have a predictable and transparent pricing structure, so you know exactly what you are charged for and get no unpleasant surprises.

ATLANTAGENT is pleased to provide customers with central accounting and financial supervision in all the ports we serve, so customers can deal only with one company, ATLANTAGENT World Wide. For multi-port agency services, we offer substantial reductions from our fees through the Network of related service-providers.

One Bank Account

Safe and efficient cash transactions with one bank account for all your port of calls worldwide.

You can be confident that your assets will be secure with us.