Atlant Shipping Agency

ATLANT Shipping & Travel Agency

Atlant Shipping & Travel Agency is pleased to introduce itself to all potential clients as the leader among shipping agencies in the Adriatic region.


For many years ATLANTAGENT has been the first choice of various cruise lines, foreign navies, private & commercial yachts when visiting different ports of the Adriatic Sea.

We at ATLANTAGENT are dedicated and strongly motivated to assist you in all your requirements and needs. Decades of experience, dedicated and educated staff are our best recommendations for:

Berth reservation

Inward and outward clearance

Visa processing

Legal representation

Any other services for and on behalf of the Principal

Medical assistance

Crew repatriation




Local expertise resulting with efficient and noticable costs

Prompt and „in time“ correspondence

Comprehensive network

Accurate and efficient despatch of detailed PDA's

Funds handled locally